Saturday, 26 January 2008

Lines for a Cellular Phone

Fundamental particle
Unitary building block
Of succumbed lives.

Hollow pattern deciphered
Methodical enmeshment
By the pricking of their thumbs.

A voice I could not answer,
Determinedly robotic,
Bade me change your personality
For just three rupees this week.

And now they say you will implode.
Final jet of spite
Squirted in my eye?

So even as I wait for the sparrows to return
And for the air to breathe again,
I wait in hope
For that unobtrusive beep
That tells me I'm not forgotten
Just yet.


joey said...

yes.rather pathetic that man should be a social animal.Robs him of his dignity...

blinknmiss said...

Hmm. And the scrambling to retain that dignity is itself so... undignified.

I love comments rather shamelessly.

joey said...

reminds me of that poem by auden called i think the night mail or something like that.

full tilt said...

it is all very fine, please do not approve this comment, but i am going to kill you now. or just stop visiting the blog. probably the latter.

blinknmiss said...

"for who can bear to feel himself forgotten?"

i assume that's what you mean.