Thursday, 5 August 2010

Instant Sociology

Q. Is education an agency of socialization or a means of social control? Explain with examples. [10]

The pen twists in my hand. Scratches fretfully. Reach down for a drink of water. Clock's ticking. Heads are bent busily, writing, writing. I'm next to the window today. The nursery classes are in the foyer two floors below. Medley of littleone voices singing along with the 'aunties' and the piano:

"Who made the great big mountains tall?
Who made the birds and fishes small?..."

Toddlers have a lot to think about, I suppose. I keep listening, and the song continues, now changing tack, crescendoing into the chorus.

"...Kisne banaya machhliyo ko?
Kisne banaya phoolo ko?
Kisne banaya duniya ko?
Hamara Jesus lord."

Education. Social control. Explain with examples. I could. But somehow, I don't think it would be considered suitable for examination purposes.