Friday, 16 October 2009

Lemoncoloured butterfly against dewy violet petal. Picturebook cottage with pocket handkerchief garden, lacy white curtains at the windows, orange trees in blossom. Backdrop of early morning mist and sun breaking through, rising red above silhouette woods. Slow flicker of lemoncoloured wings in still, clean air. Your eyes pass over it all, bored, faintly dissatisfied with the symmetry. Glance and move on.

Lemoncoloured butterfly in a fluoroscent glare. Counters stacked high with paper, size A4, ballpoints and glue and staplepins. Screens pulled shut. Electric hum of generator. Lemoncoloured fleck spinning around a lightbulb, now captured against celluloid green of a Sprite bottle. You watch, fascinated, its careering frenzy. Ponder metaphors as lemoncoloured wings disappear into the Xerox machine.