Thursday, 2 August 2007

A title would be pointless here

sdkl cvm,.z';[

That was me banging both fists on the keyboard. The occasion warrants this show of petty frustration. Take my word on it.

The Feeling that makes your bones go hollow. And stuffs your lungs full of vacuum. And chalks boundaries around your brain that separate the desperate laughing drama that Is from the insidious cynic that you suppose is Reality.

Desperate because I can't help a friend I say I'd do anything for. Desperate because I'm trying to be the hero (or the heroine? The attempt to be politically correct isn't even worth it) in my own story and nobody seems to be noticing. Desperate when words are just black marks on a computer screen and you know there's no one reading on the other side.


trish said...

we all go through The Feeling.
*shakes head sadly and wisely*

there's something very nice about your blog.
chatto keeps telling us that "nice" is a banned word- but thats what your blog is!
(among other things of course)

Meghan said...

Just stoppin' by.

I'm going to agree with the "nice" blog thing. It looks very loved.