Thursday, 2 August 2007

Came home yesterday, been a long night out;
Came back like a foreign tide to a place I know well.
I'm keeping my footprints up against the wall.
You say you waited up for me? I couldn't ever tell.

The alarm clock is broken and it's just another day,
Breakfast in bed, the bills still unpaid.
I won't bother asking; I know you can't stay,
All I want is this morning, then I'll be on my way.

The papers didn't come but today you won't mind.
Warm liquid silence hanging above our heads.
I carried this story many miles to tell you,
But on second thoughts, think I'll leave it here unsaid.

Pillowfights and coffee nights- isn't hard to remember
The useless different people we both tried so hard to be.
I hear your ride waiting; you can lock up the door,
'Cos I'm walking back with the evening tide into the sea.

The alarm clock's still broken and it's just another day,
Breakfast in bed, the bills all unpaid.
I won't bother asking; don't need you to stay,
Just give me this morning and I'll be on my way.


blinknmiss said...

i wrote this a long time back. seemed right, somehow, to put it up, considering how happy i'd been with it at one time. do tell me if it's too sappy. i swear i won't cringe away from criticism.

full tilt said...

a little sappy, yes. doesn't have touch that some of the other pieces have. i'm not sure what exactly that is, but something's missing-in layers, maybe...

blinknmiss said...

reasonable enough. i see what you mean, but i'll also admit that i liked it quite a bit when i wrote it. dunno... maybe if i'm ever broke i'll sell them as lyrics to sheryl crow or somebody of the sort.

joey said...

dylanesque ,somehow.of course knowing that u dont know what ure talking abt makes it seem a little fake.