Saturday, 11 August 2012


The stones in your street knew.
My wandering feet knew.
The bench that once bore our batedbreath weight knew.

The rain on our roofs knew.
The thumbprints on books knew.
The shoes by the door and the hat on the hook knew.

Each bird for a mile knew.
Each nerve in my smile knew.
Each gumchewing child at the metrorail stile knew.

The silence we bred knew.
The songs in your head knew.
The hands of the clock and the hours that fled knew.

May, June, and July knew
Before you and I knew
What scores of conspirers had ages since known.

And for this I thank you-
As kindest of friends do,
You let me conceit I found out on my own.


joey said...

In my excitement I read it out to my mother who said-knew what?

Shalmi said...


You get it from her.

Anoorag said...

I don't know what everybody knew but this is just a happy song! :)