Friday, 1 January 2010

A Winter's Tale

Terrible weather it was,
And all in all a most
Inconvenient day
For that sort of thing.

But the hour had been anointed.
There were choirs ready to sing.

The child looked up
At brown gypsy faces
In guttering candlelight,
At snow on the earth.
Felt the hot stink of cattle
And the heat of their gazes,
And cried
Though angels praised his birth.


Anushka said...

Is this inspired by Journey of the Magi?

Vangmayi said...

Jesus-like something?

Anonymous said...


blinknmiss said...

@ Anushka:
The tone of the first verse is definitely influenced by the same. But overall theme is different.

@ Vangmayi:
Yes, something like that :)

@ Spriha:
Yes, that is the reaction I was aiming for :P

Anushka said...

@Shalmi-That I realised :) You're not a theme stealer.

Velocitygirl said...

I thought of the EXACT same question. Journey of the Magi, ekdom.