Tuesday, 16 June 2009

So go up I did. 7:20 in the morning and poetry book tucked into one pocket. Empty corridors, only the swish-swish of some sweeper two floors below.

I ran up the last flight of steps. Came face to face with a new door. Metal. With cross bars. Sharp edged lock. A thin sliver of light sneaking out from underneath.

Typical really of everything else that's happening these days.


trish said...


Prince of Mirkwood said...


joey said...

ey ma.
i asked you not to but secretly i thought you would anyway.and i would then ask you what the chaat is up to these days.
it is not to be.

blinknmiss said...

Boka. I miss you lot so much it's almost embarrassing.

rhea said...

that's really godawful. part of the general reign-of-terror-and-oppression strategy, i suppose.

well, that's that. unless you learn how to pick locks with a pin.

Dhrubo said...