Saturday, 25 April 2009

Make a wish when poetry won't come.

One highway you can't find on a map.

Any number of reasons, excuses, apology notes.

One day of rain.

Twelve cigarettes just in case.

One pair of magic sunglasses.

A song that sounds like do-re-mi.

Ten fingers, ten toes, itching all the time.

A pair of shoes that won't leave a trail.

Four days, and a few hours extra.

All the time in the world.


Prince of Mirkwood said...

err..planning a trek, shalmi?

buckingfastard said...

makin peace wid myself,
jst in case rest of the world cant!!

wishin is useless hopes!!

Vangmayi said...

"Four days, and a few hours extra."
Oh god. Yes, please!

And the best ever wish (you may have gathered this about me by now):

"One day of rain"

Even in this grogginess you made me smile. :)

Wishes are like glittering-in-sunlight fishes! :D
Okay, sorry, now you've made me hyper with the rain thing. You may want to forgive me. :P

alchemy16 said...

You're not a cliche.

If you're anything like me, the compliment may seem obtuse and strange. So I'd like to add, I mean it.