Saturday, 16 August 2008

If All I Had

If all I had was sight
I'd watch the sunrise sift through the trees
While summer passed away.

If all I had was sound
I'd listen to lovesongs when the streetlights go out
And pretend they were mine.

If all I had was taste
I'd catch the taste of falling rain
And save it for another day.

If all I had was smell
I'd know the smell of drying ink
On pages of crumpled poetry.

If all I had was touch
I'd hold two roses, papery with age,
Velvet dust upon my fingers.

If all I had was this
I believe I'd have enough.


joey said...

ektu cheesy na?

blinknmiss said...

more than ektu. but it satisfied me completely while i was writing it.

Tygr Tygr Burning Bright said...

little poetlings.
you grow more elusive day by day.
and i mean that in a very real sense of the term, not metaphorically.

Anonymous said...


Pariah said...

i like.

Anonymous said...

i like.