Monday, 21 May 2007

Movies that I've seen

Life In A Metro. Hobos on train roof. Wood people crying. Dizzying lights. Irrfan Khan on a horse. Salty love.

Dreamgirls. Jazzy cars. Big hair. Quirky swirly names. Like cotton candy turned oversweet. Black is sexier. Tambola and mermaid tails. Shine.

The Queen. Dry lemons. Very English dogs. Lady in tweed. Ascerbic Tony Blair. Wittiness. Gracious what inadequacy.

Bheja Fry. Rubbery bounce. Chrome yellow and post-office red. Ok Tata Please. Nymphomaniac. More dogs. Only hybrid-Indian. Toad in a hole.

Blood Diamond. No good good see-see? Ciggie smoke trailing into the blue. Wrenched whiteness, twisted, cracked, pouring into into a bloody chasm. Cloud mountain. Metal wire and pressing flesh.

Spiderman 3. Won't.

Shrek the Third. Shan't.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Can't.

Ocean's 13. Maybe.

1 comment:

zeeshan said...

i still remember this time last year. i loved most of those sequel releases that summer and congratulations on your blog being a year old